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   Our Approach

 How do our designs provide flexibility to meet changing technology needs?  

At Johnson Consulting Engineers, we strive to produce a state-of-the-art design which reflects our client’s needs and anticipated uses. Our careful approach to each project ensures that the completed work is neither over-designed nor under-utilized. Our entire technology system designs are in full compliance with EIA/TIA standards.

We stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies by attending conferences and through the study of industry-related journals and periodicals. In addition, we support the changes in technology by retaining staff experienced in the design aspect of our technology projects, as well as those that possess actual hands-on installation experience. This experience enhances our ability to provide a practical, cost-efficient quality design, while ensuring the installation adheres to our specifications.


 How do our designs provide solutions for the changing technology needs of today?

We provide an infrastructure design of cabling and termination components which comply with all requirements of the EIA/TIA and BISCI design standards. These nationally recognized organizations work in conjunction with the data networking equipment and software companies to develop uniform standards ensuring full compatibility between software, hardware, and networking infrastructures.

As part of our specifications, we also require that the installing contractor be qualified to provide a manufacturer's 15–25 year product and installation

 How do our technology designs enhance high school instruction?

Current data networking and multimedia systems can deliver a broad range of services: from basic networking of computers within a campus, to connecting with district offices or other school site, as well as internet connectivity. Our company is able to design systems that provide two-way video connectivity for video teleconferencing and distance learning applications. For high schools, this means students have access to a virtually unlimited selection of university lectures and courses. They are also able to collaborate with students globally, resulting in broader educational experiences.

In addition, we believe training is a critical component to the successful implementation of any new technology system. If the end-users do not receive adequate training, full system functions cannot be properly utilized, resulting in wasted resources. Therefore, our design specifications stipulate that the manufacturer of all project systems must provide training for the end user: teachers and students.


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